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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Superbowl Media Day

So Superbowl Media day has come and gone, given time to think about it I have come to one sure realization.

There is a reason this isn't called Player Relations day. This really is a day for the Media. I don't mean media in the traditional sense of doing their job and being a conduit for the public. No it is more an instance of them being real fans. Check out the end of this post by David Kindervater of EveryMorningQuarterback( I just found it refreshing to see him going "Look I'm on the news, I'm on the news" Newsflash, you ARE the news.

I am sure some of the older guys, who have been there a few times, don't see it with the same joy. But I really enjoy the perspective of a guy like David who writes well, has professional experience, and is still a fan.

Now we only have less than 4 days until kick off.

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Anonymous said...

the Patriots will join the Red Sox in the winning circle ... I hope so anyways, peace, liz

Ron Dean said...

LEt me guess where your from Liz :) You forgot to mention the Celtics dominance gl with the Superbowl