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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Johann Santana Will Get Whatever He Wants From the Mets

ESPN is reporting that we should not expect the Johann Santana to the Mets deal to be finalized by Friday Morning. I have no idea why they picked that as a when we shouldn't expect a deal, when they are the ones reporting in the next breath that the cut off for the deal to be negotiated is by 5pm Friday evening.

All of this anticipation and conjecture is waste though. The Mets and Santana will come to a deal. I know this and I can even tell you what the deal will be-- WHATEVER SANTANA WANTS IT TO BE.

Let's remember that Mets nation is in a foul mood after the historic collapse that ended last season, with them watching the playoffs. Now they have the best offseason free agent on the way to NY, their NY. So that would solve the problem of all those ugly late season losses. Mr. Met is shining up that big white head of his right now, and Mets fans are salivating at the possibilities.

So now when Santana and his people are holding their tough line on the 6 years they want and the Mets give em that stern look and say it's 5 years or it's no deal. Do you really expect Santana to buy the Mets willingness to turn around at this point and tell their fans "you know that championship that you could feel in your hands, now you can feel it slipping through your fingers"

Not gonna happen, see you in New York Santana.

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1 comment:

Tracy Lee said...

You are spot on! There is no way that the Met organization is going to let Santana walk away from the table unless he is walking toward Shea Stadium.

This is going to be an exciting year!