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Saturday, January 19, 2008

SC and UCLA show off Love'n Mayo

The football wins are nice, they are. It’s the football losses that really matter though. I mean honestly I expect the Trojans to beat UCLA in Football. So when it happens, that’s not a special day, it’s a Saturday. Now when Pete Carroll and the boys manage to lose the UCLA that is devastating, because it is so unexpected.
I imagine that is how the UCLA faithful are feeling right about now. I mean they had to expect that they were going to win. If you’d have a told the Freshman super hero OJ Mayo would be scoreless in the first period, I am sure they would have guaranteed it.Especially with the Trojans having to play at Pauley Pavillion. None of them would have predicted the 72-63 final score in the Trojans victory. The game actually was closer than the 9 point margin (I hate that expression but if you saw the game, you know what I mean).
As much as I would like to say that Mayo dominated the match up with Kevin Love. I’ve been anticipating this game since conference play started. It delivered a great game, for completely different reasons. Love and Mayo combined for one good game but Love was mostly first half and Mayo was all second half.
The game was taken over by rookie Davon Jefferson. After scoring a career high 25 points, he told reporters "My mom told me she had a dream -- we won and I played well," adding. "I didn't know the game was over 'til the game was over. That's how crazy this was."
UCLA head coach Ben Howland paid a compliment to his cross town rivals saying. "They outplayed us," Howland said. "They're a team that will be in the NCAA tournament." That would be a rare occurrence for the Trojans

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