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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Baltimore Ravens Name New Head Coach

The Baltimore Ravens have named a successor to Brian Billick. Billick was terminated after going 5-11. It wasn’t that record on it’s own that did it. It didn’t help that he posted that record following a 13-3 season that took them into the playoffs, where they lost to eventual superbowl champion Colts. The real deal breaker for Billick was the fact his vaunted defense was the only team to surrender a loss to the 1-15 Miami Dolphins.
The Ravens announced Friday that John Harbuagh will be the teams new head coach. The biggest issue that they have is that the team he is taking over doesn’t have enough offense to beat USC-as his brother, Jim did with Stanford this season.
Adding addition difficulty to his job, is that he will most likely lose Rex Ryan, who he beat out for the job, as defensive coordinator. On a team where the defense has been the lone bright spot, this loss of continuity could be devastating. Especially considering the locker room leaders; Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, even first year Raven Willis Mcgaee had spoken out in favor of Ryan. All of a sudden Jason Garrett is looking smarter and smarter for taking that 3 mil in Dallas.
John Harbaugh was previously the defensive back and special teams coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. He asked head coach Andy Reid to move from special teams to defensive backs in order to get more consideration for a head coaching position. Careful what you ask for, John. You just might get it.

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