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Monday, March 10, 2008

Linking up with RonDean

It's Monday morning, I am out from under the mountain of my own work and the work I have been helping others with so without further adeiu,"let's Superman this post"

Soccer Hooligaans once again take it just a bit too far(Yahoo)

At this point can't you just lug around your eagle all-in-one(Gizmodo) - this actually was my first computer thanks Pop and Mamz

I appreciate athletes picking the worst era in fashion to make all these music videos(Babes Love Baseball)

The bright colors of the Crocs cellphone holder allow you to identify from a distance, people you want to avoid.(Gizmodo)

Miguel Tejada; Just Living the Dream(UmpBump)

Brits attempting to ruin natural selection; next they'll start using dentistry to prevent all those tooth infection related deaths(Gizmodo)

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