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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pau Gasol, (P)Owwie Gasoft, nope POW!! GaSir

After almost a week of anticipation and waiting. The Pau Gasol era began Tuesday night. Gasol missed the previous games since the trades with Jet lag (seriously) and back soreness. This didn't do much to help the nickname of Pau Ga-Soft but I am still hyped to get him. So I cleared my night and was ready and watching when they tipped it up in New Jersey.

Gasol started the game, with Phil Jackson mentioning before the game that he planned to play Gasol around 30 minutes. With Kobe having an off night it was good that Gasol was part of the plans. His line was good with 24 points and 11 boards. I was even more pleased with the other things I saw. The natural looking chemistry between the guys as they chest bumped and high-fived their way through a game that could have been easily lost by a team that wasn't all on the same page. Of course it is easy to fit in to team when you are such a natural passing big man.

While Gasol did show some of his vision and passing that he is known for, he didn't show the other traits he is known for. Timid offense and soft defensive play. No in fact he was grabbing rebounds away from guys with authority and going back strong, for quite a few three point opportunities. With that style of play the high free throw percentage he brings with him will certainly help the Lakers.

I don't think he will have quite as high a line on most nights, however if he continues to give that kind of aggresive effort. The Championship so many people want to give the Celtics, just might be back up for contention. Looks like it is going to be a real POW!! Year.

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