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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New York Giants Offseason

The best part of the Giants Offseason is how it started; with a Superbowl parade. Now comes the difficult task of repeating. While much of the offense seems set; I would say deep at some spots. The offensive line could use a little work. The defense has question marks throughout.

The offensive line isn't truly a huge need. The Giants experienced some injury issues toward the end of the regular season. They held up well with their backups, but as the age of their line creeps up, they could start to look for the next crop.

Since their offensive needs certainly can't be described as pressing they are more likely to look to their defense. The lack of a primary need on defense is less about the Giants over all talent and more about the numreous question marks. Both cornerbacks played well-when they weren't hurt. Safety James Butler stepped up in the post season-but his week to week play isn't good enough for a starter. Linebacker Mathias Kiwanua seems to be fitting into defensive coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo's, plans well. Linebackers Kawika Mitchell and Reggie Torbor played well all season, but both are unrestricted free agents. This is where Giant fans find out if ownership is commited to building a dynasty.

Since they are likely to keep one, but not both of them. The Giants draft starts here. They could get quite a steal here if Dan Conner(LB-Penn St.) is still on the board. Linebacker is not a real area of need for the teams choosing shortly before the Giants #31 pick. In a turn of luck, the Giants would likely have missed out on him if the Patriots had been able to keep their pick. It was forfeited as a penalty for the Spygate incident.

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