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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Linking up with RonDean

In spite of their new bathrooms MBSR is comfortable with their homosexuality(Neatorama and MBSR)
Doug Gottlieb was kind enough to add to the English language tonight. Prasing OU for their Sticktoitivness. Gosh, I hope I spelled that right.
Sharper Image: Going out of Business. I didn't even know they sold stuff I thought they provided free chair massages while I was waiting, waiting, waiting... for my girl to get done at Nordstrom(Wired)

McCain sprinting down the Bill Clinton path to the Presidency(CatsandBeer)

Not quite Honus Wagner but still pretty cool(Neatorama)
Bears sign Rex Grossman; Another Chance? That's very Lovie(Fanhouse)
Best Picture Posters through the years(Neatorama)
NSFKYLD--Not Suitable For Keeping Your Lunch Down(With Leather)
Crazy glowing worms turn kids into wide-eyed zombies(Neatorama)
In the event you have; a kid, an extra $250, and a complete lack of judgement(Neatorama)

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