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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Linking up with RonDean

Gene Simmons sex tape somehow leaked; ::sniff::, ::sniff:: is that desperation in the air(People)

Video of that falling satelite getting owned(Engadget)

Get out your tin-foil hat kids it's conspiracy theory hour(MC Bias)

Rare double dip. I endorse womens basketball, and El Paso(Inside El Paso)(Pictured)
Something finally goes right for the Falcons(ESPN)
Kelvin Sampson run out of resigns from IU, his players say they may boycott(Deadspin)
Photos from the Canseco party, looks like Clemens is the one who Misremembered(ESPN)
Meet your next Randy Moss, charachter issues, steal of the draft- Darren McFadden(SMQB)
Looks like we have someone ready to take his place as the number one runningback(Fanhouse)
NFL's Competition Committee says Goodell handled Spygate well. I normally don't tell my boss he screwed up either. It's called job security.(ESPN)
List of NFL Players Franchise tagged(EMQB)
Roger Goodell continues his God complex(ESPN)

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