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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Linking up with RonDean

I don't know how we all missed this. It's up on ballhype. This clip is the eagles doing "Buddy's watching you." What I want to know is why some one with a lot more talent than me didn't turn out a "Billy's watching you/And Pats staff is too" mashup to this same beat.

Auburn already starting's spring practice and Sunday Morning Quarterback is pretty excited about it(SMQB)

The Big Lead continues their bloodfued with Colin Cowherd(TheBigLead) p.s. Colin why don't you give your daughter her jersey back

The NFL Combine is over rated(TheBigLead)

Kurt Thomas to the Spurs may be the final trade before the deadline, Shawn over at Thattalldude breaks is down for you(ThatTallDude)

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