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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sports Rumors

Andrew Bynum was injured in Sunday night’s game against. Memphis when he came down on teammate Lamar Odom’s foot. A Monday morning MRI revealed a sublexation (see:owie) of the knee. He is expected to miss 8 weeks. In a suddenly related story Chris Webber seems to be on his way back to the NBA. I don’t think that is a great solution, but I think it is the only solution for a team that all of a sudden has only one center on the roster at all and that center is Kwame Brown. Looking past the current emergency the Lakers find themselves in, I think the bigger value may come in the form of C-Web’s veteran leadership, if the team can hold together while Bynum is out and make a run at the playoffs.

The NFL hands out the Philadelphia class fan award. I know the Eagles fans thought that booing Santa Claus would give them a lifetime lock on this award but no the Colts fans shockingly upset them by booing a 14-year old girl, at the start of the fourth quarter, when she was announced as one of the winners of the Punt, Pass, Kick competition.

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